In 2016 you were asked to 'make some waves' by sharing ideas about the future of Colwood. Here's a look at the vision and goals your ideas helped create.

Colwood is a spectacular seaside community set apart by its outstanding natural setting and exceptional quality of life.

Nature is all around you in Colwood. Within minutes of stepping out your front door, you can be walking along the beach by the ocean, wandering down a shady trail through old growth forest, or enjoying the wide open, natural green space of a local park.

You look forward to the short walk to the local market and shops for your groceries and other needs. The route is interesting and enjoyable and you are sure to run into a neighbour or friend along the way.

There are places to go when you are feeling social - gathering places, eateries, shops, community events, markets and festivals.

When you need or want to venture further afeld, it's easy to jump onto public transit for a quick trip to downtown Victoria or other areas of the capital region.

Families are able to live within a comfortable distance of each other, with plenty of seniors housing in the community for grandparents, and aordable rental options for the younger generation.

You feel good about living in a community that is taking steps to protect the natural environment and build a resilient community that is prepared to adapt to a changing world.

The following 7 goals are designed to get us to that vision...

The waterfront is a gently-enjoyed, world class destination for residents and visitors alike.

The waterfront distinguishes Colwood from other cities: it’s the place residents and visitors identify as the soul of the community. Nearby urban areas are characterized by a village-like setting with homes, shops, services, and other amenities that make it a destination for locals and visitors, all day and all week long. Access to the waterfront – with pathways and spaces for public life – will be balanced with measures that protect sensitive ecological areas from human activity, thereby safeguarding the qualities that make it this place special.

People and nature are exceptionally well-connected.

Colwood is green by nature, blessed with natural beauty and home to trees, hillsides, shoreline, and other ecological areas. These cherished natural areas will remain intact, with new development not only protecting them, but also connecting and regenerating them. Decisions will be made from the perspective of the watershed scale, considering the impact of projects on the overall health, water balance, and habitat of the watershed. Habitat areas will provide space for wildlife to thrive while offering residents access to nature close to home, linking Colwoodians to a broader network of connected green spaces and waterways.

Residents have realistic transportation choices.

While personal automobile use will remain a mobility option that is safe and accessible, other modes will become viable, enjoyable choices. Walking will be the first choice for short trips, with nearly all residents living within a 10-minute walk of a neighbourhood grocer, café, and/or other destinations that help meet their daily needs. For longer trips within Colwood, residents will choose to get around by bicycle or transit. Transit will become an increasingly convenient and enjoyable option for regional commuters who leave the City on a daily basis. 

Public spaces – including streets – are for public life.

Streets will be attractive, comfortable, and interesting public spaces. Pedestrian-friendly buildings will provide the frame for public life, and sidewalks and plazas will provide the stage. On retail streets, sidewalks will be filled with people going about their daily lives, socializing, shopping, resting, eating, drinking, people watching, and more. These and other public spaces will reflect local culture, reinforce neighbourliness, foster health and active living, and strengthen sense of place.

Colwood is home to family-friendly neighbourhoods that provide housing choices.

For decades, Colwood’s quiet, safe, and affordable neighbourhoods have been a draw for people choosing to raise families. Colwood continues to be home to family-friendly neighbourhoods, as well as other choices meet a range of needs including those of an aging population, allowing residents to age in place and reside in their chosen neighbourhoods throughout their lives.

Colwood is carbon neutral, energy positive and water smart.

Colwood has a multi-faceted approach to climate mitigation, recognizing that land use patterns and urban form can greatly impact a community’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Colwood is prepared to adapt to a changing world.

Colwood puts in place measures to adapt to resource pressures and climate change, building resilience to rising sea levels and other natural disasters.