Cockrell House in Colwood provides safe transitional housing and social services to help ex-military personnel integrate back into society in a healthy way.

For most of us, understanding the stress a soldier faces on the front line is nearly impossible. Imagine the challenge of serving in a foreign war zone and witnessing the devastation there, then returning to daily life in Canada, often with no strong support network and no healthy outlet for the trauma. Relationships suffer. Employment suffers. All too often this results in military personnel who face post traumatic stress disorder, family breakdown, addictions and poverty.   

You may have passed Cockrell House many times without realizing it, but to the veterans who call it home, it's a life saver. The 11 bed multiplex has been providing disadvantaged veterans with housing, counselling, life skills, health and social services and transportation since 2010.

Cockrell house is 100% supported by a team of volunteers, including front line workers and peer support worker Phil Quesnelle from Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS), the local Veteran's Affairs Canada office and generous individuals. It is funded in part by the Royal Canadian Legion BC/Yukon Command through the Legion Foundation and other veteran organizations. The City of Colwood has also provided funding and support for the facility.