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On May 12, 2021 the Capital Regional District (CRD) Board resolved to advocate for a full West Shore Ferry feasibility study to be funded by the Province. This will provide certainty about whether it is a regional transportation solution the region should pursue. 

"In a region surrounded by water, it would be irresponsible not to fully explore the feasibility of marine travel as one approach to addressing traffic congestion and achieving our active transportation and clean energy goals."

~Colwood Mayor Rob Martin

Leaders from around the region have expressed support for the initiative, as shown in this brief video.


In March 2019, BC Ferries published a pre-feasibility study that supported the feasibility and financial viability of a passenger ferry from Royal Bay in Colwood to Ship Point in downtown Victoria.

The study suggests a passenger ferry has great potential to reduce traffic congestion in the region while increasing transit ridership and active transportation by providing an alternative to the single occupancy vehicle, thereby helping the region achieve its clean energy goals. 

Feasibility study fast facts

| 2 ferries | 294 passengers | Royal Bay to Ship Point | 30 min intervals | fare $5.75 | 


Active Transportation: Providing alternatives to driving is a must for addressing transportation issues in our region. Using our waterways with connections to pedestrian, cycling and transit just makes sense. 

Environment: Reducing the number of vehicles on our roads and providing active transportation options will move the region toward its clean energy goals.

Economy: A unique new connection between the West Shore and downtown Victoria would offer an enjoyable trip and encourage residents and visitors to support businesses at both ends. It will boost our region's economic recovery and the rebound of the tourism industry as we move beyond the pandemic.

Quality of Life: In a region surrounded by water, we should be providing options to get out and experience the ocean. A passenger ferry would offer a beautiful, healthy alternative to the rush hour commute or an enjoyable day or evening out and about.

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