The City of Colwood is a spectacular seaside community set apart by its outstanding natural setting and exceptional quality of life.


As stewards of the quality of life cherished by those who live, work and play in Colwood, we provide excellent service that respects the uniqueness and diversity of the community. We work to continually improve our services and build positive relationships with citizens and partners.


Accountability - We serve the needs of the community, consulting residents and stakeholders regularly and providing timely reports on projects.

Collaboration - We focus on partnerships to achieve our goals, and on informing and involving residents and stakeholders to ensure excellence.

Innovation - We embrace creative ideas and have the courage to lead with innovation.

Flexibility - We are responsive to the needs of the community and continually evaluate and strive to improve our service.

Integrity - We honour the public trust by being transparent in decision making and using local knowledge and industry best practice to protect our environment and quality of life for residents.

Community Goals

  • Colwood's waterfront is a gently enjoyed, world class destination.
  • People and nature are exceptionally well-connected.
  • Family friendly neighbourhoods provide housing choices.
  • Residents have realistic transportation choices.
  • Vibrant streets and public spaces promote community connections.
  • Colwood is carbon neutral, energy positive, water smart, and prepared to adapt to a changing world.

Strategic Priorities

Enhance Community Well Being

We promote a safe, attractive and active seaside community. We inform and involve residents in decisions that affect them, promoting shared responsibility and a strong connected community. We advocate for the availability and affordability of housing and public services. 

Promote Well Planned Economic & Community Growth

We proactively invest in economic growth and take steps to enhance Colwood’s quality of place. We promote a strong, sustainable economy with a wide range of business and investment opportunities. Careful management and active promotion create the environment for businesses to succeed.

Protect & Maintain Natural & Manmade Infrastructure

We focus on building resilience and long term stability by ensuring our natural and manmade infrastructure and assets are maintained and funded over the long term. We prepare for future expenditures by planning proactively. We strive to protect and enhance air, land and water quality as well as green spaces, urban forests and the many natural and diverse eco-systems in the area. 

Demonstrate Management Excellence

We build community capacity to prevent future problems and expenditures. Careful management, fiscal responsibility, innovation, monitoring and community involvement create the environment, infrastructure, systems, services and workforce required to succeed.

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