Safe Disposal of Needles

Anyone who uses a needle to inject should dispose of it safely. However, sometimes discarded needles are found in public areas. Safe disposal of needles saves others from getting hurt accidentally. Fortunately, the risk of being infected by an accidental needle stick is rare. If you find an improperly discarded needle, here’s how to dispose of it safely:

  • stay calm
  • pick up needle with care, use gloves if desired
  • don't snap, break or bend needles or try to replace the cap
  • hold needle point away from you
  • put needle in a metal or hard plastic container with a lid (i.e. a drink container)
  • close the container securely and label it
  • wash hands with soap and water
  • drop off the sealed container at a pharmacy or local public health unit - the West Shore Health Unit is at 345 Wale Road in Colwood

BC Ambulance Service

In an emergency, call 9-1-1 for BC Ambulance as well as local police and fire services.

Island Health

Island Health provides health care services to all areas of Vancouver Island through a network of hospitals, clinics, centres, health units, and residential care facilities. 

Local Hospitals

Victoria General Hospital is the nearest hospital and Royal Jubilee Hospital is nearby in Victoria. Both provide emergency and acute care services.

Walk-In Clinics

Colwood Medical Treatment Centre at 1910 Sooke Road (8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Saturday)
West Shore Urgent Primary Care Centre at 582 Goldstream Avenue (8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Sunday)

Child, Youth and Family Centre

The Westshore Child, Youth and Family Centre at 345 Wale Road is home to seven child, youth and family serving agencies:

  • Boys & Girls Club - before and after school programs, youth justice programs and other youth and family services 
  • Métis Community Services - community room & playground, computer lab, teaching garden, counselling room, & access to the centre’s community kitchen
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development -  community social service agencies, foster homes, services that support the well-being of children, youth and families
  • Phoenix Human Services Association - programs & services for family development, youth, special needs, mental health outreach, adults with developmental disabilities
  • Sooke Family Resource Centre - programs & services for prenatal care, child care, parent support, family development, youth outreach, mental health, developmental disabilities
  • Vancouver Island Health Authority - child health, dental, hearing, immunizations, nutrition, parenting, prenatal and postpartum, speech and hearing

Mental Health Resources

Check this extensive list of mental health resources prepared by School District 62's Healthy Schools Coordinator (Jan 2021).

Medical Equipment 

Wescom Medi Lend lends or rents medical equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds to meet short-term equipment needs such as recovery from injuries or medical procedures. Call 250-478-5373.

Military Resources

The Military Family Resource Society provides programs and resources for military families at the Pacific Activity Centre at 2610 Rosebank Road in Colwood.

Health Link BC

Another good resource for non-emergency health advice is Health Link BC. Search the website or call 8-1-1 to receive medical advice from a health professional.

BC Community Health Data for Colwood

View heath data about Colwood's Demographics, Diversity, Household Composition, Housing, Mobility and Health Factors.