Subdivision is the process of creating new parcels of land or altering existing property boundaries.

Step 1:

To begin the subdivision process, visit or call the Colwood Land Development department at 250-294-8144.

Staff will research the property, explain related policies and plans, and let you know if there are issues you should consider. You may also want to review the City’s Land Use Bylaw and Official Community Plan to see how your project fits within those guidelines. A call to the Engineering Department can help you determine what municipal services are available on the property. 

This is a critical step to help you identify and resolve concerns at the outset. 

Step 2:

Submit your Subdivision Application, including required fees required documentation. Upon receipt of your application, the Approving Officer may ask for additional information such as density calculations, parking plans, and tree preservation plans.

What's involved in Processing a Subdivision Application

The Subdivision Application Form contains a checklist outlining all of the required documents and plan criteria that must accompany a submission. All registered owners must sign the owners’ authorization. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

  • Application Circulation and Review
    Applications will be circulated for review and comment to internal departments at City Hall and external agencies where appropriate. Depending on the complexity of a proposal, applicants may be asked to provide additional information as required by the Approving Officer.

    The Approving Officer has a statutory responsibly to determine if the proposed subdivision plan is in the best interest of the broader community. City staff may seek input from those who may be affected by the subdivision. 

  • Preliminary Layout Assessment
    Preliminary Layout Assessment is granted in the form of a letter from the Approving Officer outlining a comprehensive statement of conditions precedent, under which final approval of the subdivision will be considered. The Preliminary Layout Assessment document is valid for one year and may include requirements such as: 
    • Subdivision layout, road alignments and lot dimensions; 
    • Dedication of parkland or cash-in-lieu; 
    • Protection of the natural environment; 
    • Covenants, easements and statutory rights-of-way; 
    • Engineering servicing requirements; 
    • External agency requirements; and
    • Conditions required through other processes such as rezoning and development permits.
  • Completion or Bonding of Subdivision Works and Services
    Applicants must retain the services of a professional engineer who will design the works and services required in accordance with the Subdivision Bylaw. All services are required to be installed at the owner’s expense prior to final subdivision approval, unless the owner provides bonding and enters into a subdivision servicing agreement with the Municipality to complete the required works by a specified date. This will be further outlined in your Preliminary Layout Assessment. 
  • Submission for Final Subdivision Approval
    Once all the requirements outlined in the Preliminary Layout Assessment have been addressed, applicants may submit an application for final subdivision approval to the Approving Officer. The application would typically include final survey plans prepared by a British Columbia Land Surveyor, approval fees and documentation satisfying all requirements outlined in the Preliminary Layout Assessment. If appropriate, the Approving Officer will approve the subdivision by signing the Subdivision Plan.
  • Plan Registration
    Once the subdivision plans and documents are signed by the Approving Officer, they are returned to the applicant for registration at the Victoria Land Title Office. This is the process that creates legal title for each new parcel defined on the subdivision plan.