The Capital Regional District (CRD) has been working on behalf of local governments to better understand how our region will be impacted by coastal storm flooding due to sea level rise and tsunamis.

The Capital Region Coastal Flood Inundation Mapping Project provides a comprehensive picture of coastal flooding due to rising sea levels and tsunamis.

The CRD project provides enhanced coastal flood hazard information to:

  • Help planners and emergency managers prepare the region for coastal storm and tsunami events that may impact southern Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands.
  • Offer guidance to regional stakeholders to inform coastal flood policy, planning and communication efforts.
  • Better understand the infrastructure, ecosystems and cultural sites that may be at risk due to future sea level rise.
  • Identify risks to residents and infrastructure (e.g., harbours, marinas, docks) within the capital region as a result of tsunami waves and currents.

Refining the data for Colwood

Colwood has taken the additional step of refining the data specific to Colwood's coastline to give our community a clear understanding of potential impacts.

A full report will be presented to the Waterfront Coastal Process Committee titled Sea Level Rise & Tsunami Risks on May 27, 2021.

Next steps

The illustration below gives a sense of the City's current guidelines with respect to shorelines from the Colwood Official Community Plan.

Current guidelines may be adjusted in light of the new sea level rise and tsunami risk information from the Capital Regional District.

Watch for opportunities to join the discussion.