Listed below are development permits recently issued by the City.

A development permit (DP) is issued to property owners following thorough review of a proposed development to ensure it meets the policies and objectives of the Official Community Plan, as well as the City's environmental and design guidelines. Please note: After a DP is issued, the proponent may apply for a building permit to begin construction. 

DP # Location Purpose Date Issued
DP-15-005A 3616 Kaiser Lane To facilitate location of the electrical room 5.3m from the southerly side lot line March 7, 2019
DP-18-16 686 Donovan Avenue Development of 8 dwellings  October 17, 2018
DP-18-18 1800 Island Highway - Wendy's Restaurant To upgrade of the facade and associated site improvements October 4, 2018
DP-14-10 Colwood Corners - 1913 Sooke Road Development of the first 7 buildings at Colwood Corners Phase 1 September 21, 2018
DP-18-12 Two Waters - Selleck Way (Parcel 2 + 3) Development of two condominium buildings with 26 and 14 units and underground parking September 7, 2018
DP-18-11 Two Waters - Selleck Way (Parcel 1) Development of a 2 storey townhouse with 21 units September 7, 2018
DP-17-31 Olympic View - Latoria Road Environmental DP for 35 detached dwellings and 2 multi family sites. August 31, 2018
DP-18-15 513 Gurunack Lane Development of a single family dwelling with secondary suite August 30, 2018
DP-18-8 330 Goldstream Avenue Development of 102 affordable rental apartments in a 6 storey building (built to passive house standards) with 81 underground parking spaces July 16, 2018
DP-18-7 Seafield Road Development of a 35 lot subdivision with a typical lot size of 316 square metres. August 15, 2018
DP-18-6 3497 Ryder Hesjedal Way Renovation consistent with neighbourhood design guidelines. March 28, 2018
DP-18-5 Royal Bay - Sparrowhawk Avenue Development of 8 single-family dwellings. February 28, 2018
DP-18-3 3520 Aloha Avenue Removal and replacement of a tree in an area designated for environmental protection. February 28, 2018
DP-18-2 3340 Anchorage Avenue Development of the land to ensure protection of the natural environment May 28, 2018
DP-18-1 Royal Bay - Dunlin Street Development of 12 attached single family dwellings. February 28, 2018

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