What is the Board of Variance?

The Board of Variance has the power to grant minor variances from the Zoning Bylaw in situations where compliance respecting the siting, dimension, or size of a building or structure would cause a person undue hardship. More information on the Board of Variance is available on the Board of Variance Committee page. 

Applying to the Board of Variance

To apply to the Board of Variance, complete the Board of Variance Application, and submit it to Colwood City Hall, or planning@colwood.ca. Once your application is received, a fee slip will be sent to the contact email provided on the application for the $500 non-refundable application fee. Once the application fee is paid, staff will schedule the application for the next available Board of Variance meeting.

Before the Board of Variance meeting takes place, notification postcards are sent to surrounding properties to inform them of the upcoming meeting. 

During the meeting, staff will introduce the application, and applicants will have the opportunity to present their case. The Board of Variance will determine whether the application will be approved. If the application is approved, a letter of decision will be prepared and sent to the applicant following the meeting. 

Have more questions about the Board of Variance?

For more information on Board of Variance or the application process, contact Development Services at 250-294-8153 or planning@colwood.ca