The Economic Prosperity Committee (the Committee) is a select committee of Council established to oversee specific matters as assigned by Council, including an update to the Land Use Bylaw and Economic Development Strategy.

The Committee will inform the decision-making processes on economic prosperity over the short, mid and long term.

This Terms of Reference will guide the Committee in their role to advise Council on matters referred to the Committee by Council.


The core mandate is to provide input to staff and recommendations to Council through the Committee on policies, programs and initiatives related to the promotion of economic prosperity.


The Committee’s function is advisory to Council. Their role is to review, comment, and make recommendations to Council on issues referred to the Committee by Council.  The Committee has no continuing advocacy role concerning their findings and recommendations.

Composition and Quorum

  • The Committee shall be comprised of all members of Colwood Council; 
  • The Committee Chair, Vice Chair and members are appointed by Council;
  • A quorum is a majority of the committee membership and is required to conduct committee business.

Resources and Support

Designated staff liaison and resources (non-voting members) shall include:

  • Senior Member of Long-Range Planning and Sustainability Department (1);
  • Recording Secretary (1)

Meeting Schedule

  • The Committee shall meet at 2:30PM on the second Monday in April, June, September and October starting in June 2020.
  • Where a meeting lands on a statutory holiday, it will be rescheduled to the fourth or last Monday of the same month.
  • The Committee may meet at the call of the Chair should a time-sensitive matter arise.
  • Meetings shall be held in Council Chambers at the City of Colwood City Hall, 3300 Wishart Road.


  • The role of the Committee is to evaluate options and make recommendations on the specific items as outlined in Section 7 - Duties;
  • Committee meetings are conducted in a spirit of good faith and respect, to foster a free flow of ideas and encourage the unconstrained development of options;
  • the Committee may receive delegations and presentations, and may call for public input from time to time;
  • the Chair will provide opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and offer points of information relative to an agenda item after the introduction of each item of business;
  • the Committee's discussions, decisions or activities are electronically recorded and webcast for the public’s benefit;
  • meetings shall be governed by the City of Colwood’s Procedure Bylaw. This includes rules surrounding conflict of interest, confidentiality, open meetings, conduct and all other matters addressed in the Procedural Bylaw.


The Committee is responsible to provide oversight on the following tasks as assigned through the City of Colwood’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan:

  • establish regular meetings between the committee and the business and development community;
  • establish an annual household prosperity census;
  • consider the creation of an annual household economic prosperity survey;
  • establish tax base diversification targets;
  • review and benchmark municipal costs of development against market comparables;
  • review and update the Colliers demographic and land yield study with new targets;
  • together with the Waterfront Committee, create a plan for public realm improvements for the waterfront and recommend a 10-year operating and capital plan to Council;
  • update the Land Use Bylaw;
  • update the Economic Development Strategy;


The term of the Economic Prosperity Committee is two (2) years ending April 2022.

Council may direct Committee disbandment prior term expiration or reinstate the Committee upon term expiration.

Decision making approach / Formulating recommendation

The Committee will build toward consensus in formulating and evaluating alternatives, and in making recommendations; unanimity is not required. In conducting their work, the Committee shall maintain:

  • a clear view of their purpose and Terms of Reference;
  • a focused, task-oriented, and time-sensitive approach;
  • accountability by each member for the effectiveness of the group as a whole;
  • a flexible process inclusive of all interests in the community.

Amending, modifying or varying Terms of Reference 

Any Request for amendment, modification or variation to these Terms of Reference can be requested via the staff liaison to Council.  In the event Council endorses the request change, the relevant resolution number and date of amendment will be recorded on the master Terms fo Reference document.

Adopted:  April 14, 2020
Reference: R2020-102